Customer Testimonials

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"We have used Anam Paldgyee's services four different times and absolutely trust his honesty and expertise.  He replaced our old  electric range with a gas range.  Fixed a toilet that was beginning to leak into our floor. Fixed our clogged dishwasher line  and replaced all the gas lines in our rental home. All his work is done with the utmost care and safety. He looks at the problem and communicates why or why not the work is necessary.
I was out of state when the tenants reported a gas leak.  On further inspection it was determined that all the lines were old and needed replacement.  Obviously the tenants were very concerned. Because I had used Anam P many times before I trusted his judgment, integrity and knowledge.    I knew that he would not recommend anything that didn't really need to be done.  The work was begun the next day and he worked through the weekend to complete it before his jobs the following Monday. His cost was more than fair.  I received this note from the tenants and it says it all.  

"Anam Paldgyee  finished today.   He was GREAT!  We will definitely use him on our house.  He was very professional, conscientious and it seems did an excellent job.  He kept me informed all along the way of what he was doing and when we would/wouldn't have hot water or gas to the stove. We had plans in the house this weekend; guests on Saturday night and a cleaning person on Saturday.  Not having a stove or hot water and giving Padgyee access to various parts of the house throughout the 3 day could have been over-the-top challenging.
But he was so easy to work with and now the gas lines are safe.  Yay.  He showed me where the gas shut offs are in and out of the house, which I am so grateful to know in case of an emergency."

- Sacha Kawaichi, Berkeley, CA


"3 years ago we moved here from Texas & after the 1st year in East Bay we decided we'd never find a plumber to match our old one.  Then, 2 years ago--through friends-- we found Paldgyee (Green Eagle owner). He is an expert, super honest, fast & polite.  (He even surpasses our old one).  Yeah! "

-Liz C., Berkeley, CA (via Yelp) 


 "I was very impressed with Anam Paldgyee.  He was timely, professional and answered all of my questions.  Since I was familiar with the reputation of Green Eagle Plumbing, I didn't hesitate to contact them for my  tankless water heater systems.  If you are in the East Bay Area, I highly recommend him."

-James, Oakland, CA


 "Anam Paldgyee does amazing work!  He has strong customer service skills, the highest quality workmanship/technique I have ever seen.  I definitely recommend him for future plumbing jobs!"

- David Yokam, Berkeley, CA